Make a claim

Damage and theft claims

To report a claim for damage or theft, you can do so using our online claims portal. Here you will be asked to supply evidence to support your claim, including:

  • Evidence of ownership
  • Evidence of damage
  • Crime reference numbers (if you bike was stolen or vandalised)
  • Evidence of the approved lock used to secure your cycle (if your bike was stolen or vandalised)

Important - Please do not repair or replace your cycle or any of the damaged parts without our authorisation.

Submit a claim

Cycle Rescue assistance

If you are stranded as a result of damage or theft, and included Cycle Rescue as part of your policy, please call our 24 hour control centre on the number below:

01206 812723

Please have the following information ready to provide to our rescue co-ordinator:

  • Your policy number
  • Your return telephone number so our rescue co-ordinator can contact you
  • The precise location of your cycle (or as accurate as you are able in the circumstances)